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Mutaqee Akbar
Managing Partner

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Areas of Focus:
Criminal Defense & Personal Injury


“The degree of intellectual strength, creativity, tenaciousness and professionalism that Attorney Akbar brings to every case is second to none.”

Q&A with Attorney Akbar

What prompted you to pursue a legal career specifically practicing Criminal Defense?

Some of my colleagues may not know that I started college intending to pursue a career in Chemistry. However, that idea quickly vanished after my first year Chemistry class. At that moment, I was re-inspired by my father’s commitment to the fight against systematic social injustices within our community, in particular the black community. I thought myself fortunate to be in a position where I could pursue a career that brought me into direct contact with the most vulnerable amongst us. I wanted a career where my contributions could result in actual change. The law provided an avenue where on one hand I could effectuate real change in people’s lives. On the other hand, I could study and learn the inner-workings of a system whose impact in my community has oftentimes been devastating.

Having graduated Cum Laude from the University of Miami School of Law what made you decide to start your firm in Tallahassee versus a larger city?

Tallahassee is home. I was born and raised in this city. In fact, I started at FAMU DRS in kindergarten and graduated Salutatorian of my class in 1997. I honed my legal and professional skills intending to return and serve the community that nurtured my growth.

I founded the Akbar Law Firm in Frenchtown because for decades my family has sown into this community. I wanted to continue to carry that torch. It is also a community that has experienced firsthand a disproportionate application of law enforcement at all levels. As such, it has become my life’s passion to serve as its advocate.

What can a prospective client expect from the Akbar Law Firm?

Our firm is unique in several meaningful ways. One, we foster a collaborative environment. While clients will typically work with a lead attorney, behind the scenes a broader team of attorneys support every case. We each bring a unique perspectives and experiences to the table. Together we develop robust legal strategies on behalf of our clients. Finally, all of our attorneys are personally invested in the community. We have all formed professional relationships within our individual practices that benefit our clients.