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Simplified Dissolution of Marriage in Florida

Brandi Thomas, Family Law Practice Group Leader

9 April 2018

Florida is a “no fault” divorce state. This means, once a party deems the marriage “irretrievably broken,” they may seek a divorce without providing additional justification.

Under Florida law, couples that qualify for a “Simplified Dissolution of Marriage” often seek to dissolve their union without the involvement of attorneys. Some refer to this simplified process as a “quick divorce” since the process can take as little as 30-days from filing to finalization, provided there is complete agreement on the terms of the divorce.

Who qualifies?

  • Parties who agree their marriage cannot be saved;
  • Parties who do not have nor expect to have minor children at the time of filing;
  • Parties who have agreed on how to separate all assets;
  • Parties who have agreed on how to handle all liabilities;
  • Neither party plans to seek alimony;
  • Parties are willing to forfeit their right to trial and appeal; and
  • Parties are willing to sign petition at the Clerk’s Office and agree to attend the final hearing.

However, the key requirement to note here is, “both parties have to agree to all the terms.” Experience has taught us that this is where most couples realize there is seldom anything simple about divorce. In those instances, retaining an attorney to help you navigate the legal process while championing your interests is invaluable.

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